Relieves pain in 15 minutes!

For sore back, muscle and joint pain


Analgesic effect achieved through the unique combination of ingredients

Eliminates the cause of the disease

Natural oils penetrate deeply into the tissues and affect the area causing pain

Alleviates stress

Warming effect relaxes the muscles after exercise or after exposure to low temperatures

Natural composition in a unique concentration
The first product that restores the body cells
Cayenne pepper
Quick recovery of the connective tissue
before after
Unlike pills, which go first into the stomach,
Flexibility immediately penetrates deep into the joint, eliminating the chronic pain for
up to 12 hours
Use it as a prevention
Even if you don't have serious problems
  • To warm up the muscles before a workout
  • To relax the muscles after a workout
  • For pain caused by the exposure to low temperature
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59980 NGN 29990 NGN
59980 NGN 29990 NGN