Diabetes eat at us from within and can strike from anywhere, anytime!

The only cause of diabetes is the lack of potassium in the body!

One method is effective in maintaining blood sugar levels remain stable and eliminate diabetes, making it the precautions that can save many lives.

Written by Rifky Zulcarnean

Diabetes affects the organs and can lead to death. More than 78% of people with diabetes die of complications.

Maria Khumalo: "I am sure that every person who asks for help to get rid of diabetes and keep blood sugar levels to remain stable going on subsidies."

Prof. DR. Maria Khumalo, Sp. PD-KEMD

Head of the South Africa'n Society of Endocrinology and expert health practitioners at the same time the best to get rid of diabetes in South Africa that have saved thousands of lives.

Work experience: over 16 years

"Do not listen to anyone anywhere that says you can not get rid of diabetes and keep your blood sugar levels - regardless of your age and with all its symptoms.

In South Africa, we have launched a program in which everyone can order products to eliminate diabetes at a bargain price!


Was formally launched on , the program "Diabetes Free South Africa" begins by releasing a product to combat diabetes and its complications. With the high public enthusiasm, asking numerous questions about the program so World News 24 decided to interview Prof. DR. Sarah Widiyanti, Sp. PD-KEMD as the coordinator of the project. He is a renowned professor who led and supervised the program, and protect it from fraud. With this program, the entire population of South Africa, all citizens of the region, can order these products can be delivered to the rest of South Africa and at a special price that is affordable.

Why do you need to launch a project funded by the International Health Organization? Is the major health organizations in South Africa, no one did it?

The health system is still a highly bureaucratic system. Of course various health organizations has launched a diabetes management program, but this is a great mechanism with many problems. On top of that, experts only focus on keeping the body in a stable condition and counteract the effects of the symptoms. We need to understand that special food supplements, insulin, and other nutritional products is only an illusion in order to have a normal life. The cause of this phenomenon has not been eliminated altogether which eventually led to people with diabetes die slowly.

The result is that many patients are not getting the help they really need. In fact, diabetes is no different from that cancer can also cause death.

Then how the level of risk of cancer and diabetes can be compared?

They can not be compared. But this is actually very similar if we look at mortality as a percentage. On the one hand, people with cancer and tumor being treated properly and may struggle to stay alive. But on the other hand, people with diabetes are often advised only diet and insulin injections alone even though most people were hospitalized. But we still can not talk about the actual method of eliminating diabetes, as we can see from the events that had occurred.

The number of diabetics in the world is increasing rapidly and resulted in a lot of the population lives.

But how diabetes can actually cause death? If the cancer is still understandable, but what most real threat for diabetics?

First, there are complications of diabetes such as coma, limb necrosis or gangrene (death of cells that cause foot rot), loss of vision, sexual dysfunction, ketoacidosis, hypoglycemia. These things tend to occur during the development of the symptoms of diabetes. If we look carefully, complications can be divided as follows:


Effects : Loss of consciousness, impaired function of major organs, death


Effects : unconscious, improving blood sugar suddenly in a short time, lack of response to light, excessive sweating, chorea (abnormal muscle nerve), and the worst may be comatose.

Loss of awareness of high blood sugar

Effects : excessive thirst and frequent urination.


Effects : Loss of consciousness, respiratory distress, drop in blood pressure, lack of urine, decreased cardiovascular conditions (heart)

It was creepy. Are complications stop there?

This is just some of the complications that can occur immediately within a few months after the development of symptoms duration of 2-3 years. Several subsequent complications that can arise are:

1. Diabetic retinopathy, retinal injury which can cause bleeding in the back of the eye and retina. Often appear in patients with type 2 diabetes, this may gradually lead to total blindness at any time.

2. The capillary abnormalities, the ability of blood vessels to penetrate the rapidly declining. Blood vessels become brittle. There is a tendency of thrombosis and atherosclerosis. Internal bleeding or bleeding in the brain can appear at any time.

3. Disruption of nerve endings, which led to the loss of sensitivity to pain and heat in the limbs (or numbness), in the arms and legs simultaneously. The first symptom is a burning sensation in the arms and legs that worsens at night, to lead to a loss of control on the two limbs.

4. diabetic ulcers, namely limb complications in diabetic patients with open wounds that cause pus to necrosis. Often required can lead to amputation or death

What exactly is there hope for diabetics?

Initially, this situation seems to be no hope, but it is also the main reason why we launch this program now. Now everyone can buy this product that can eliminate diabetes at an affordable price and without having to face obstacles such as government systems always defer.

Seeing that the old method is unlikely to succeed, what method should be used to eliminate diabetes?

As you can see, with the old methods do not work, so experts are trying to find an alternative solution for those who have problems with blood sugar levels. One of their findings to eliminate diabetes entirely a function of the pancreas recovery method to the initial conditions, allowing it to absorb the insulin produced by the body itself without receiving aid from other sources. However, this is almost impossible.

From recent studies, it turns out the only absolute thing you can do to restore the function of the pancreas is to restore the complex potassium in the blood. Because of potassium deficiency, the pancreas stops absorbing the insulin produced by the body. Restore potassium levels is actually very difficult for an element called "potassium 12" is not yet available. The only option is to take potassium to create the necessary components to absorb and respond to insulin in the body.

Scientific experiments on this new product has been proven to fight diabetes very well. In all, there were 10,120 participants with various types of diabetes from different age groups. 93.8% of people have elevated blood sugar levels get rid of it completely. There may be some side effects, but their overall health has improved significantly. In general, people with severe diabetes who is nearing the end of their life after the therapy may have a slight exacerbation of abnormal blood glucose levels and only 0.6% had a significant change, and it was not enough to fully recover.

Does this product have a name? And if you can explain this further?

Products that had been named GlucoPro we're talking about. This is a new product developed to eliminate fluctuations in blood sugar levels that can work in the shortest time possible. This product only takes 2-3 months to fully restore the function of the pancreas.

GlucoPro produced by an international research institutes using modern technology, and has been refined for over 2 years. With the help of the program being run, consequently we can also sell GlucoPro at a special price.

Do GlucoPro already passed independent trials?

GlucoPro have gone through and passed all the research and independent trials that have all the certificates and proven effectiveness. Experts highly recommend this product.

With the composition of this completely natural and harmless, experts recommend to use GlucoPro for all diabetics. For the first time, has been found beneficial component of the most active and collected in a single product.

Can you explain how GlucoPro menghentingkan diabetes?

As the only scientific findings so far, GlucoPro restore complex levels of potassium and at the same time creating a specialized immune cells that initiate the recovery process and restore pancreas function. The pancreas can finally begin to absorb the insulin produced by the human body to normal, so as to eliminate the causes or diabetes itself. As a result, blood sugar levels can be stably maintained in full.

GlucoPro contains extracts of Cynara scolymus herb serves to eliminate diabetes naturally in a short time, Samllanthus Sonchifolius has efficacy to lower blood sugar levels, Geranium dielsianum which serves to maintain the function of the body and increase energy, Notholaena nivea and Curcuma.

Sounds impressive. But can you tell me what that meant for the general public?

This means that South Africa'n products more advanced and you can get rid of diabetes in 2-3 months.GlucoPro not only alleviate the symptoms temporarily or maintain your blood sugar levels stable. But expects to resume the performance of the body at the cellular level. These products eliminate the causes of diabetes and those who are having trouble going to be healthy again. It not only eliminates the symptoms but also eliminate the causes of the symptoms as well.

Are GlucoPro can only help get rid of diabetes at an early stage?

Not just in the beginning, but GlucoPro will help get rid of diabetes at any stage, even in the most severe phase.

But is it really eliminate the cause of diabetes? Or just keep blood sugar levels stable?

This product is the only solution that can completely eliminate diabetes and also maintain the stability of blood sugar levels. GlucoPro will stabilize blood sugar levels with the recovery of some functions of the pancreas since the first use of supplements. Later, diabetes will completely disappear after treatment is finished product.

How can the public be able to order these products at a price subsidy program? And if everyone could book?

Yes, everyone can order it. But because production is still done in a small amount, the buyer must use booking system by sending the purchase request to the program. To buy GlucoPro a subsidized price, you simply fill out private information from the order form below authorized manufacturers, and our consultants will contact you to record the delivery address, and answer all your questions about this product,

When is this program going to end?

The project will end on . Once again I remind you fill in the order form below to order GlucoPro if you have not already. I also want to advise you to hurry up because there is a chance you can not book GlucoPro at a special price subsidies. In essence, any orders reach our team before the end of the program period are guaranteed to receive a product with a cheaper price.

I want everyone to see the following opinion survey. This is the answer to diabetics when asked in various ways eliminate diabetes as well as effectiveness.

SURVEY: How do you treat diabetes and keep blood sugar levels remain stable?

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Thanks Prof. for an interview today! Is there a final message for our readers?

Sure there. Do not fix your problem in a way that arbitrary because it is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. You also do not have to wait for sick first, comma, let alone to be amputated before treatment. Solve the problem before it is too late.

Attention! Research has proved that this month is the best time to treat diabetes. This is due to the stability of average temperature can speed up metabolism, improves blood flow in the body, increasing oxygen flow in the internal organs and improve the workings of "GlucoPro". Eliminating diabetes and complications will be 67% faster than any other time in the year. Recovery of the body functions will occur to 100% faster in the whole process.

Be careful with counterfeit goods! GlucoPro reservations can only be made by filling out the order form below.

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This product is not a product that can not be replaced. The effect is too fast or slow depending on the circumstances of each person
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Indah Wahyuni

I just booked GlucoPro today, and I could not wait usefulness!

Indira Nuraini

I am also a diabetic. Only in 50 days, I lost my diabetes! Thank you!

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I ordered the product GlucoPro . The package comes with a very fast, and I immediately tried the product. This product is very effective in getting rid of diabetes! My blood sugar level is now stable at 4.8 mmol.

Siswanto Wirya

Thank you, Prof. Maria! I've tried it. Let's see what will happen in the next week, It's still too early to talk about my development. But I'm feeling better, my blood sugar levels are stabilized, and I do not feel weak at all. So it looks like things will get better, I'll update again later.

Prof. Maria Khumalo

Pak Siswanto, do not worry, keep GlucoPro as usual and essential consumption per instructions
Regards, Maria Khumalo

Wahyu Tri

Please! I could not stand the blood sugar fluctuations, and the pain was excruciating. I do not know what to do. I have used a product that has been recommended by experts, but it does not help :( Do GlucoPro really help?

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Pujianti R.

How do I order?

Dermawan Rahmat

Greetings bu Pujianti. Reservations can be made with the contents of the booking form here. As someone who helped with GlucoPro, I suggest that you get a message before it runs out.

Pujianti R.

Thank you very much sir Colleague, I will order today.
How long ya delivery? I really can not wait: D

Dermawan Rahmat

About 3-5 days.

Gunawan L.

Is there really a result? I'm considering it a try.

Cintia Karina

I booked for sister some time ago. Before that, he had had diabetes for a long time. You can not imagine how be happy she was after I order it GlucoPro.


I've heard about this product from someone who advised me to give it a try. He had problems with blood sugar for 2 years and he is now healthy. After reading this, I became more confident and had ordered it.

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Satria Mukti

Is this product really help? The products have been recommended by the experts told me nothing useful. Honestly I'm very worried.

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Pak Satria, I myself can say that 99% of these products really helped me treat diabetes completely! The result is very pronounced, and most are made from natural ingredients. I suggest you book GlucoPro now.

Wita Quraini

Thanks GlucoPro ! Thank God I am back to health quickly. Do not wait until tomorrow, it would be better to get rid of diabetes now than wait in agony.

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Thanks Prof. Maria Khumalo, if not for you, I would not believe in this product. I have been married for more than 5 years, and my husband had diabetes terrible. After trying GlucoPro, now he can re-work by coating vigorously as if he went back to the age of 18 years. Goods also came very quickly.

Prof. Maria Khumalo

Equally Risya. How is the result? Can you tell us here.
Regards, Maria Khumalo

Risya Esti

It took about 55 days to be free of the disease in total. After the first 14 days, the blood sugar back to normal.

Prof. Maria Khumalo

Risya Congratulations!
Regards, Maria Khumalo

Julia Hernawati

The result exceeded my expectations, GlucoPro make me healthy in 6 days! I've ordered more for my friends.


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I have been using for six months GlucoPro (my friend bought from Europe), and this helps to treat diabetes in just two and a half months.

Prof. Maria Khumalo

Hello mother Herna, It looks like a pharmacy in there trying to sell this product because of high demand. We will investigate these places, and for the future, please order from us directly to avoid counterfeit goods.
Regards, Maria Khumalo

Bagus Indra

I've been taking GlucoPro long time and are very helpful. Whatever your level of diabetes and age, I recommend this product. What they describe in the article was true. Fast delivery. Unfortunately, the promo of this program has never been done before-before :(

Prof. Maria Khumalo

Thank you for your confidence in Nice against GlucoPro pack, and we also apologize to initiate new subsidy program recently. It used to be very difficult because of the development of these products requires a lot of time and ultimately costs. But now everyone including himself bapk already can fight diabetes quickly at affordable prices.
Regards, Maria Khumalo

Tanti Mega

I read this article and decided to immediately order them. The general products only help me for a short time and everyone said that diabetes takes a long time to treat. Now I see the actual results. GlucoPro arrived at my house in a few days after ordering. I do not believe it when I feel better since the first day of use. Thank you, now I can return to my normal life!


Friends, please tell where I can buy it. I've been looking into shops and pharmacies but can not find. Honestly I'm afraid ordered from the internet, fear of being caught counterfeit goods

Prof. Maria Khumalo

Hello Widyaningrum. Not to worry, the book GlucoPro on this page you will be safe from counterfeit products + get special rates are cheaper during the program. You simply fill out an order form and wait for a call from our consultants.

Regards, Maria Khumalo

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